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Recovery from Password Secured & Highly Corrupted EDB file is easy with the Tool also, Conversion of Mailbox to PST & Live Exchange Server is possible.

  • Supports multiple naming conventions for saving recovered data in EML & MSG
  • Provides automated search for EDB file formats located on the local drives
  • Recovery of deleted mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  • Supports Repairing of Private and public folders and STM files of Exchange server
  • Preservation of folder hierarchy during the recovery of Exchange server mailbox items
  • Recovers Offline & dismounted EDB files, exports them into HTML & PDF file formats
  • Facilitates recovery of mailbox items along with their corresponding attachments
  • Recover mailbox data items and export them directly to the live Exchange server

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EDB to PST Tool to Convert Exchange EDB Database

What’s the Requirement for EDB to PST Tool? Need of EDB to PST tool arises when you face troubles because of intimidating corruptness in Exchange Server this leads to high risk to business as emails loss is uncompromising. Exchange database damage lead to termination of communication channel within the organization. Emails loss means direct loss to business as this will in turn give a great loss to employers.

Use EDB to PST tool for Converting Exchange mailboxes and Recover Exchange database. Software easily converts EDB to PST (healthy or corrupted). Software provides simple steps to Convert EDB to PST and Recover Microsoft Exchange Server. Software also Recover deleted mailboxes of Exchange Server.

Software’s Capabilities: If this situation ever arises before you or any such situation appear before you can use Exchange Server Recovery software which will help you to sort out in no time. Once you use this external application, you will get away from damaged EDB files. Corruptness brought to EDB files make EDB files unapproachable and damaged them too. This professional application has capabilities like: It can retrieve Exchange database files, Using this application, you can convert your damaged EDB files into PST format of Outlook, It can perform absolute recovery after JET Errors display, An absolute provision for Mount and for dismount both is provided here, Removal of Exchange Server faults is sure.

Reasons that can Perhaps Cause Corruptness to EDB Files: Exchange Database files experience damage issue, which are because of: Logical Reasons - Deletion of Edb.log, Unprotected write back cache operation performed, Repairing by using Eseutil.exe. Other Reasons that can cause Intimidating Corruption in EDB Files: Problems with OST Synchronization, EDB files deleted accidentally, Dirty shutdown of system, Applications malfunctioning, Going beyond local storage space as large sized files get stored

Download Value Determining Edition: This EDB to PST tool is there in FREE Trial evaluation, click on ‘Download Now’ and get beyond your expectation, as here you find complete provision to access the procedure for conversion from EDB to PST. You will get opportunity to have been friend with features so that you do not face any problem when you use the tool. FREE Download provision has certain steps to follow, apply them and get worth out of it. To save converted data get the application in complete operational mode.

Unlimited Benefits: There are number of utilities with this application. Given below are the lineaments of that make this external application special in eyes of users: It can work very well with MS Exchange editions including 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Most Outlook editions works well this tool including 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Proficiently it can carry out Exchange mailbox recovery and can efficiently convert Exchange database files to PST files of Outlook email client, All Exchange mailboxes gets recovered with this EDB recovery application which includes attachments, images, folders, emails messages, It makes sure that no damage cause to Metadata of Exchange Server. Recovery of both Exchange folders including pub.edb as well as priv.edb is possible.

Thorough Operable Edition: You have seen procedure to convert EDB files to PST files; you have got familiar with characteristics, now it is the time to buy the application and save your entire converted files into PST. It is no big deal to buy the software; you can get it at absolute reasonable cost. Helpfrom Support Anytime: Advice is Cheap; we offer you provision for Free support which our support team provides you any time. They will there to eradicate all the thorns from your conversion process. You can inquire about cost, procedure for converting EDB to PST, features, download steps etc or any other question that is interrupting you, contact them 24X7 for best results.